Headshots - July 2019

Hello & Welcome!

Headshot Week is going to be super simple and straightforward. (Ok, it's really not a day, but two weeks, haha!)

It's a high quality modern headshot in 10 minutes with a 25% discount on our regular rate. Choose your favorites right during the session & get your photos in 1 business days.

No one loves getting their headshot done and so we promise to get you in and out. It'll be the most painless 10 minute (or even less) headshot experience you'll have AND you end up with a modern professional headshot in the process. If you're wanting to schedule it in between meetings, budget for 30 minutes! Our usual rate of $180 will be discounted down to $135 for Headshot Week!

We'll be running Headshot Week every other month so if you can't make this one, come back in October! 


Date: July 17 to 31
Time: 8am to 6pm

Location: In Studio or Outdoor
Address: 140 Mayfair Rd, Suite 960

Price: $135 (regular rate: $180)

10 Proofs to choose from (you'll choose them at the session, after we take them), 
3 Images Professionally Retouched and Edited with all licenses released, turned around in 1 business day.

Additional Info

Background Colors (for In Studio): White, Grey, Black

We'll have stools and chairs available and you could also stand, we can determine what is best when you arrive

Outfit Tips: No busy patterns (try and avoid black and white patterns especially), best practice would be to wear at least a business casual style to as formal as you like.

Ready to sign up? Book your appointment and we'll send an invoice so you can lock down your spot!

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